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Welcome to another conversation with For-purpose sector leaders.

This conversation is between Devinder Singh, B.Eng, MBA. and Sophie Harrington COO, of NOFASD Australia, shared her experience working in various organisations, particularly in the not-for-profit sector in both the UK and Australia. They have a strong sense of purpose and believe in aligning their values and beliefs with the organisations they work for. However, there has been one instance where their values and beliefs didn’t align well with an organisation, despite it appearing to do so on paper.

In this particular organisation, there was a toxic culture that didn’t prioritize the values and integrity they expected. Although the organisation claimed to be values-driven and committed to treating both their employees and clients with respect, this wasn’t reflected in reality. This misalignment caused Sophie to feel uncomfortable and question their integrity and trust in their colleagues.

Due to the toxic environment and the inconsistency between the organisation’s stated values and its actions, Sophie made the decision to leave the organization after only a few months. They emphasize the importance of having a workplace environment that upholds integrity and fosters trust among colleagues. For them, working in an environment where their values are questioned or compromised is not acceptable.

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