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NDIS Communities of Practice are groups of people who share a common interest and passion for improving outcomes for people with disabilities.

The primary purpose of these communities is to promote social learning and collaboration among members, and to create an environment where everyone is learning from each other, and ideas are shared, debated, and refined. Through NDIS Communities of Practice, members gain new knowledge and skills, develop relationships with peers, and build a sense of community.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for our members to engage in ongoing collaboration and connection with one another. By doing so, we aim to empower our members to drive transformation and progress within the disability sector.

We believe that knowledge exchange, innovation sharing, and the sharing of learnings from the transfer and adaption of successful policy and service design are key drivers of progress. Therefore, we prioritize these activities as part of our community’s objectives. Additionally, we are committed to problem-solving, leadership and networking, and improving the quality of service delivery within the sector.

To ensure that our communities of practice function effectively, three key elements are required: domain, community, and practice. The domain refers to the shared area of interest or expertise that brings members together; the community refers to the members who interact and learn from each other; and the practice refers to the shared repertoire of resources and knowledge that members develop over time.

Our Key Elements

Our community members are passionate and committed to improving the lives of people with disability. By working together and sharing our knowledge and expertise, we can achieve great things and create a brighter future for all Australians with disability.

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