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Devinder Singh, is the moderator of this panel discussion, and Fiona Payne is one of the panelist who discusses, the plan reviews and budget evaluations. She expresses a level of uncertainty, highlighting their role as a board member rather than a business operative. They mention their discussions with individuals such as Bruce Bonahedi and Lisa Paul and the wealth of information consumed.

The core focus of the reviews appears to be a shift towards changing how people interact with the agency. The emphasis is on understanding individuals’ aspirations, identifying their support needs, and allocating a reasonable and necessary budget. The goal is to empower individuals to exercise choice and control in implementing their plans.

From the perspective of an allied health professional, there is concern about the availability of experts to assist the agency in making informed decisions. The speaker points out the existing shortage of allied health professionals in the community. However, they also suggest that this shortage might be a key area of change in the upcoming reviews.

Overall, the conversation highlights the evolving nature of the review process, with an emphasis on a more individualized and supportive approach, albeit with some uncertainties and challenges to be addressed.

Join us our next conversation, National NDIS Review Conference at Parliament House on 22nd March 2024


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