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This conversation is between Devinder Singh, and Richard Newman, discusses the challenges faced by carers in Western Australia, with a focus on the organization Carers WA and its head, Richard. The discussion shifts to the role of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as a crucial support system.

However, it acknowledges that when the NDIS door is closed or its capacity is reached, carers and family members step in. The call for recognizing informal care and adopting a holistic approach to support the entire family is stressed. The speaker advocates for viewing health, disability, and aging as interconnected issues, rather than in isolation.

He urges for acknowledgment, recognition, and additional support for carers to prevent hospital admissions and improve the overall care system. The term “wild card” adds a touch of humor, possibly signifying a unique or unconventional perspective brought by Richard to the discussion.

Join us our next conversation, National NDIS Review Conference at Parliament House on 22nd March 2024


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