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This conversation is between Devinder Singh and Michael Chester Co-CEO, at Uniting WA, who discussed the arrangement of sharing the CEO role, commonly known as co-CEO, which can be a unique and complex dynamic within an organization. In the case described, the individual is sharing the CEO role with a colleague, Jen Park. They have worked together for three years, with the colleague previously heading the people and culture department, while the individual is responsible for the service side of the business.

The sharing of responsibilities in this co-CEO arrangement seems to align with their existing executive roles, where people within the organization already knew who to approach for specific matters. This clarity helped maintain a smooth workflow internally. However, they also emphasize the importance of strong communication between themselves to stay on the same path and be true to the organization’s purpose and vision.

The arrangement of co-CEOs is not typically something that can be recruited or forced. It often arises from unique circumstances, such as a long-standing working relationship and shared vision. The three years of working together, in this case, provided a solid foundation for collaboration and understanding, making it a suitable environment to operate as co-CEOs.

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