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Welcome to another conversation with For-purpose sector leaders.

This conversation is between Devinder Singh, B.Eng, MBA., and Sophie Harrington COO, of NOFASD Australia, who shared her background and experiences. Her journey to becoming the Chief Operating Officer for Nofasd Australia was a result of a gradual evolution rather than an overnight transformation.

Mentioned growing up in the south of England, in a secure and supportive home environment, despite not having abundant financial resources. Her parents prioritized providing her with their time, support, and love, which had a profound impact on shaping her early years.

Throughout her journey, she has consistently held a core value of respect, treating others as you would like to be treated. This value has guided your interactions with team members and the individuals she’s worked with on the frontline. Working in a for-purpose organisation has reinforced the importance of integrity, honesty, and valuing and respecting others. These qualities serve as the foundation of your beliefs and approach to your work.

In essence, her purpose can be distilled into a commitment to social justice, empowering young people, and treating others with respect and dignity. These values align with your work in NOFASD Australia and continue to drive your efforts as the Chief Operating Officer of the organisation.


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