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NDIS Communities of Practice Submits Feedback to NDIS Review

NDIS Review Submission
NDIS Review Submission

Perth, WA – The NDIS Communities of Practice, a collaborative network of leaders and organisations within the disability sector, has submitted feedback to the NDIS Review Panel on the design, operations, and sustainability of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The feedback was gathered during the recent NDIS Transformation Summit held on 4th April 2023 in Perth, WA. During the summit, sector leaders shared their insights and experiences about the current state of the NDIS and provided feedback on the review. The discussions were recorded and transcribed and are part of the submission to the NDIS Review Panel.

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The NDIS Communities of Practice is dedicated to connecting, collaborating, and transforming the disability sector. As such, it hopes that this submission will contribute to the ongoing efforts to improve the lives of people with disabilities in Australia.

The panel discussion on the NDIS Review was attended by CEOs from organisations that deliver care and support to people with disabilities and Sector Leaders who offered suggestions on how to put people with disabilities back at the center of the NDIS.

NDIS Review Panel Discussion at NDIS Transformation Summit
NDIS Review Panel Discussion at NDIS Transformation Summit

From Left: Kathy Hough, Robert Holmes, Bruce Langoulant, Gordon Trewern, Mark Fitzpatrick, and Dev Singh

The discussion covered a range of topics, including the participant experience, costs, and sustainability of the NDIS, as well as ways to build a more responsive and supportive market and workforce.

The NDIS Communities of Practice believes that the feedback provided by sector leaders will provide valuable insights into the NDIS Review and will help to improve the lives of people with disabilities in Australia.

Brief Summary

The panel discussion capturd conversation among five disability sector leaders on the challenges facing the NDIS. The panellists highlight the need for better communication and collaboration across government departments to improve outcomes for people with disabilities. They note the current siloed approach of government departments, which often results in individuals being passed from one department to another without receiving the support they need.

The panellists also discussed the importance of early intervention, as delays in accessing services can result in higher costs and poorer outcomes for individuals. They emphasize the need for a coordinated approach to support people in remote areas, where access to services is limited, and the cost of providing support is higher.
The lack of leadership and market stewardship in the NDIS is identified as a significant issue, with concerns raised about the NDIS’s ability to meet the needs of all individuals with disabilities. The panellists call for the restoration of a strong department to support the disability sector and to provide a framework for knowledge-sharing and succession planning.

Overall, the panellists agree that there is much work to be done to improve the NDIS and the support provided to people with disabilities. They call for a more collaborative, coordinated, and person-centered approach to disability services and for greater investment in the disability sector to achieve better outcomes for all.

About NDIS Communities of Practice:

The NDIS Communities of Practice is a collaborative network of leaders and organisations within the disability sector. The network’s main initiatives include the NDIS Transformation Summits, which provide opportunities for stakeholders and experts to connect, collaborate, and transform the disability sector. The NDIS Communities of Practice is committed to improving the lives of people with disabilities in Australia through collaboration and innovation.



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