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This conversation is between Devinder Singh, and Emma Davidson, Greens MLA for Murrumbidgee discusses, her diverse background in youth and family services. Davidson’s involvement in various government departments dealing with social services and human perspectives is highlighted.

The conversation then delves into the language used in the NDIS Review, particularly emphasizing the term “ecosystem of supports.” The concern extends beyond the sole responsibility of NDIS, emphasizing the need for different departments to collaborate for a shared deliverable.

She notes that various service providers and government departments are deeply immersed in their specific tasks, such as delivering therapy or personal care, and may overlook the broader picture of the individual’s needs. This perspective is seen as crucial at both individual and governmental levels. The overarching theme is the necessity for a collective effort to meet support needs within the community, emphasizing the investment in inclusion and people through initiatives like the NDIS. She encourages open conversations to find the most effective ways to meet individuals’ support needs while avoiding future problems.

Join us our next conversation, National NDIS Review Conference at Parliament House on 22nd March 2024


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