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This conversation is between Devinder Singh and Tanya Brown Director, at Special Olympics Australia discussed, Tanya, is a remarkable individual with a captivating background and experiences. Tanya, also known as Perth Born, is a devoted family person, cherishing the love and support of her husband and three children. With a versatile career spanning multiple industry sectors, she has gained valuable insights from working and living both overseas and in her home country.

Tanya’s journey toward purpose has been a profound and evolving one, much like anyone else’s. Her current focus lies in her work with Special Olympics, which stems from a deep sense of gratitude that fuels her purpose. Tanya is driven by a strong desire to share hope and create brighter futures for others.

Her inspiration comes from the power of human connections and the catalyst of sport, which has played a significant role in her own life. Through Special Olympics, Tanya has found a platform to connect, share, and embark on a transformative journey with others.

Tanya’s work is a reflection of the countless individuals she has encountered, and she considers herself incredibly fortunate to be where she is today. Join us in this insightful conversation as Tanya shares her experiences and perspectives, reminding us of the profound impact we can make on the lives of others.

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